Our House rules

Our House rules

In order to insure that your contact with The After Hours General Practitioners Clinic proceeds promptly, rules have been established to which you should adhere.

Report your presence

When you have received an appointment than report your arrival when you enter the clinic by using the bell. If you don’t, the assistant nor the doctor knows that you are in the waiting room and you shall not be served.

The assistant keeps up the appointment agenda and will only enter your name after you have reported your arrival.

You arrive without an appointment?

The After Hours General Practitioners Clinic only works with appointments made by phone, and in principle, won’t help without you first having made an appointment by phone. Your care question will be considered. You will be asked to fill in a form on which basis will be assessed what will happen next. It could be that you’ll receive advice but it could also be that you’ll need to see the doctor. The nature of your complaint will determine the priority with which you will be served.

The assistant is professional enough to assess this. It may be that you will get an appointment, in which case the assistant will appoint you a time. This could mean that patient arriving after you will get their turn before you.

Patients who have made an appointment by phone will generally be served before the patient who just walks in, unless there is a life threatening situation.